Lucas Millard is an award-winning filmmaker, cinematographer and colorist based out of New York. Among the feature films Millard has lensed are The Happy Poet (Venice 2010), Kiki (Sundance 2016, IFC), Well Groomed (SXSW 2019, HBO Sports). His work has aired on HBO, Showtime, Sundance Channel, Netflix, BET, PBS, CNN, IFC, ARTE, France 5, RAI (Italy), RSI (Switzerland) and Discovery+.  With an MFA in film production from the University of Texas at Austin, Millard occasionally teaches film production and cinema studies at the college level.  In 2014, Millard was awarded a Fulbright grant which he used to research and produce the award winning feature documentary film BAATO, about a family that trades in medicinal herbs and is forced to navigate the changes brought by the first road across the eastern Himalya in their region of Nepal.  The film premiered in 2020, was broadcast in Europe on Arte and RAI, and is available to stream in North America.  Additionally, the film played at cinemas across the United Kingdom in 2023.  Millard received SMPTE certification in color management and has provided color grade and film finishing services to award winning shorts, commercials and feature films.  Lucas currently lives in the Hudson Valley with his wife, daughter and 3 chickens.

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